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Australians can also take advantage of opportunities available through a number of volunteering programs to visit PNG and make a contribution to the country.

Australian Business Volunteers have a number of programs designed to build the capacity of businesses across the region, including the corporate volunteer program, small business training, governance training for board directors and direct partnerships.
ADI specialises in deploying volunteer doctors and health managers to work in partnership with local government and church health providers to deliver clinical treatment and training, health management, community education, and advocacy.
Their volunteers are placed in PNG’s New Ireland and Western Provinces and every year treat over 5,500 patients and conduct over 830 hours of clinical training for local health workers and hospital staff.
Australian Volunteers for International Development (AVID) draws all Australian Government funded overseas volunteering initiatives together under a single banner, making it easier for Australians to participate in the global volunteer experience.
ChildFund Australia is an independent and non-religious international development organisation that works to reduce poverty for children in the developing world. They have programs with a range of local partners in Papua New Guinea.
KTF is an Australian-based NGO with strong ties to PNG. It offers volunteering opportunities for Australians to work with rural communities in PNG. Their key areas of focus are improving education access and quality, access to primary health care, development of the young leaders of tomorrow, and small community based economic projects such as agricultural businesses.
Palms Australia is a Sydney-based organisation that aims to identify local issues, reflect on values and take appropriate action to address social inequality and assist people in need. Most volunteer placements are to assist develop health, education and other facilities. Learn more about Palms Australia’s work in Papua New Guinea here.
The No Roads to Health expeditions are an opportunity for health professionals to provide specialist medical assistance over an 8-day expedition through the famous Kokoda Trek in Papua New Guinea.
Volunteering on YWAM MSA’s Medical Ship is an adventure filled opportunity where you can make a real difference and experience the beautiful Papua New Guinea culture. YWAM partners with local health care providers to provide quality training and medical care to some of the world’s most remote areas. The mission is to see quality of life for the people of PNG in the areas of health, training and community development.