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  • The mystery of the missing movie deepens. The search goes international. Rod Bishop continues the story. This series of posts began when Rod Bishop reported on the disinterment of the film footage he and others shot way back in 1972 for a never completed film tentatively titled Mataungan. For the...
    24 August 2016
  • Anthony Swan explores the hidden content in Australian newsprint articles on PNG. This article was originally published on the Devpolicy Blog.
    23 August 2016
  • The first ever appearance by a group of Papua New Guinean writers at the Brisbane Writers Festival in September has just been upgraded to a prime lunchtime slot. This piece is reproduced here from PNG Attitude with their permission.
    16 August 2016
  • Part Two in the story of the retrieval of a piece of Australian documentary film history. The story continues with some fascinating information from historian Ken Berryman and some insights into early film culture endeavours. This follows the piece by Rod Bishop , where he wrote about the...
    12 August 2016
  • Sally Andrews, New Colombo Plan scholar, writes on her experience researching maternal health with GE in PNG. This was her first experience in PNG and it inspired her to remain engaged with Australia's nearest neighbour.
    8 August 2016
  • The interconnections between Australia and Papua New Guinea can be explored through the lens of politics, which is inseparable from people. Discussed here is the relevance of the politics and the history of the Australia-PNG relationship, along with current developments in this relationship.
    5 August 2016