Janine Aringa Garap

Janine studied Chemistry at the University of Papua New Guinea and attained her Bachelor of Science degree in April of 2011. She then commenced employment with Barrick Gold at the Porgera Gold Mines in the Enga Province of Papua New Guinea. She was employed there for two years before resigning due to personal reasons, as well as job satisfaction. In 2014, she joined the National Development Bank’s Young Enterprise Scheme to pursue her goal to own and manage her own business. She is still part of this program and her business, Binks Barbeque, is growing steadily.

Personally, she lost her only brother to the crime rates in Port Moresby. He was stabbed and succumbed to his injuries in 2010. He was 18 years old and a Year 12 student. Since his passing she has vowed that his name will not be a statistic of her city’s crime rate. She named her business after her brother’s pet name and intends to change her society in whatever way she can to save other young boys and girls from suffering the same plight.