2018 Australia-PNG Emerging Leaders Dialogue: Nominations Closed

31 August 2018   |   Speeches and Conferences   |   By Shane McLeod

Nominations have now closed for the 2018 Australia-Papua New Guinea Emerging Leaders Dialogue.

Participants in the 2017 Aus-PNG Emerging Leaders Dialogue
Photo: Australian High Commission Port Moresby
Participants in the 2017 Aus-PNG Emerging Leaders Dialogue

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    Nominations are now closed for the 2018 Australia-PNG Emerging Leaders Dialogue.

    The Dialogue brings together ten Papua New Guinean and ten Australian young people who are leaders in their fields, for two days of networking and discussion of priority issues for each country and the bilateral relationship.

    In 2018, PNG is on the international stage as host of the APEC summit. The Emerging Leaders Dialogue will build on this significant event to focus discussions on the potential for tourism and travel to strengthen links between Australia and PNG. The meeting will be held in Cairns in the week of 3rd December 2018. Participants will have the opportunity to visit tourism infrastructure in Far North Queensland before taking part in the Dialogue.

    This is the sixth year of the Dialogue, and as in past years it will include professional networking opportunities with high-profile corporate, government and civil society organisations, and a public reception.

    Invitations have been sought from and people aged under 40 years who are recognised by their organisations as showing drive and initiative and are making a positive contribution to their communities.  Young professionals from any sector are encouraged to apply. No previous professional experience in the neighbouring country is required. Participants are selected based on their expertise and experience.

    You can find out more about the event at our Frequently Asked Questions page.

    About the Emerging Leaders Dialogue

    The Emerging Leaders Dialogue is the flagship event of the Lowy Institute’s Australia-Papua New Guinea Network, which aims to enhance people-to-people links between the two countries, with the support of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

    Papua New Guinea and Australia have a bilateral relationship of significant importance. If relations between Australia and Papua New Guinea are to grow stronger, the next generation of leaders in both countries will need a more sophisticated appreciation of each other's national priorities and challenges. This Dialogue offers emerging leaders a unique opportunity to develop that appreciation and build professional connections and friendships with their counterparts.

    Alumni of the Dialogue have identified the benefits of the Aus-PNG Emerging Leaders Dialogue’s particular style; including the knowledge gained from the multidisciplinary nature of the discussion and the advantages of the small size of the group which supports frank and open conversation and more substantive networking opportunities.