Frequently Asked Questions: Australia-PNG Emerging Leaders Dialogue

31 August 2018   |   Speeches and Conferences   |   By Shane McLeod

The Australia-PNG Emerging Leaders Dialogue is the flagship event of the Aus-PNG Network. Each year, it brings together 20 emerging leaders from Papua New Guinea and Australia to discuss topics and issues of relevance, to build professional relationships and to strengthen ties between the two countries. 

Participants in the 2015 Emerging Leaders Dialogue
Participants in the 2015 Emerging Leaders Dialogue

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    What is the Australia-PNG Network Emerging Leaders Dialogue?

    Established in 2013, the Australia-PNG Emerging Leaders Dialogue is an initiative that brings together emerging leaders from both countries to discuss issues of relevance and to make connections.

    It is the flagship event of the Australia-PNG Network, which is an initiative hosted by the Lowy Institute in Sydney, Australia and supported by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

    The program takes place in either Australia or Papua New Guinea each year, and takes place over two days. Details of past Dialogues and outcomes can be found here.

    What is the application process?

    In order to be considered for participation, you must:

    • Submit a nomination statement (one paragraph - up to 300 words)
    • Include a copy of your CV (PDF or Word document)

    We will advise on this web site when nominations are being sought.

    Who is eligible to apply and what are the eligibility requirements?

    Applicants for the Dialogue must meet the following eligibility criteria:

    • Aged 40 years or younger in the year of the Dialogue
    • A citizen or permanent resident of either Papua New Guinea or Australia
    • Holder of a valid passport (if required to travel internationally)
    • Able to apply for a visa to travel to the dialogue (if required)
    • Able to obtain leave from work/study as required to travel to/from and participate in the Dialogue

    Do I need to be Australian or Papua New Guinean to apply?

    You need to be a citizen or permanent resident of either Australia or Papua New Guinea to apply.

    Applications from citizens from other countries will be considered if the applicant has the right to reside in either Australia or Papua New Guinea, and can demonstrate a close personal connection to both countries.

    Where can I apply?

    The opening of nominations is advised each year through this website and through the Aus-PNG Network newsletter. Applications must include a nomination statement (one paragraph - up to 300 words) and a current CV. 

    Are there any other materials to submit along with the application form?

    The application requires you to submit a short statement in support of your nomination of up to 300 words. You will also need to submit an electronic copy of your CV in either PDF or DOC format.

    What should my candidate statement say?

    The statement in support of your nomination should explain how your experience, qualities and skills are relevant to the aims of the Aus-PNG Network to build stronger connections between Australia and Papua New Guinea. You should highlight career or educational experience that you think is relevant.

    When are the application deadlines?

    Nomination dates are advised each year through this website and the Aus-PNG Network newsletter.

    Selection process

    How does the selection process work?

    Applicants are evaluated on their experience, expertise and potential to strengthen the relationship between Australia and Papua New Guinea. Staff at the Aus-PNG Network in collaboration with members of the Advisory Council evaluate applications and select candidates based on their potential to contribute to the Dialogue and as members of the Aus-PNG Network.

    How many participants are chosen?

    Ten participants are chosen from each country, making a total of 20 participants in the Dialogue each year. 

    When will I be notified of the application decision?

    Applicants are notified about the outcome of their application after the close of nominations.

    My application was not successful this year. Can I apply for future dialogues?

    As long as you continue to meet the eligibility criteria, you can continue to apply to participate in the Dialogue.

    Registration and participation

    What does it cost to participate in the Emerging Leaders Dialogue?

    There is no cost for participants to take part in the dialogue.

    What are the responsibilities of the ELD participants?

    Participants are expected to prepare as appropriate to engage in the discussions during the Dialogue. A knowledge of current affairs and issues is expected, as well as an engagement with the issues on the agenda of the Dialogue, details of which will be supplied prior to attendance.

    How long is the commitment for delegates successfully accepted into the ELD?

    The dialogue takes place over two days, and participants are expected to travel before and after the Dialogue meeting days. Participants will become part of the Aus-PNG network and may be invited to participate in network events and workshops that are relevant to their expertise. Participants may also be invited to contribute articles or comments to the Aus-PNG website and social media accounts as a member of the Emerging Leaders Dialogue alumni. Details of participants are recorded on the Aus-PNG Network website which is available to the general public.

    What is the Participant Agreement? What happens if I decide not to sign the agreement?

    The Participant Agreement is a document provided to successful applicants ahead of their participation in the dialogue. You will not be able to take part in the Emerging Leaders Dialogue if you do not sign the participant agreement.


    Will accommodation be provided?

    Participants will be provided with accommodation if the meeting is held outside of their home city. Reasonable travel expenses are covered by the program and per diems are provided for incidental expenses.

    How much money should I bring for personal expenses?

    Per diems are provided for incidental expenses.

    Will flights and transportation be provided?

    Flights and transportation to and from the event are provided.

    How do I apply for a visa?

    The Aus-PNG Network will provide information on visa application processes to selected participants. Please do not apply for a visa to attend the event until your participation has been confirmed. 

    My question is not answered here. How do I found out more?

    Contact us at for more information on the Emerging Leaders Dialogue.