Papua New Guinea and Australia have a bilateral relationship of significant importance. If relations between Australia and Papua New Guinea are to grow stronger, the next generation of leaders in both countries will need a sophisticated appreciation of each other’s national priorities and challenges.

The Australia-PNG Network’s annual Emerging Leaders Dialogue offers the opportunity to develop that appreciation and build professional connections and friendships between counterparts from each country. It brings together twenty young people – ten from each nation – for two days of networking and discussion of priority issues for each country and the bilateral relationship.

Alumni of the Dialogue have identified the benefits of the experience, including the knowledge gained from the multidisciplinary nature of the discussion and the advantages of the small size of the group which supports frank and open conversation. Participation in the Dialogue enables emerging leaders to contribute to the policy debate as the outcomes of the discussion will be communicated to the Australian and Papua New Guinean foreign ministers.

Participants should be ready to contribute perspectives and insight to the discussions from their own experience and from their engaged understanding of current events and issues.  They will also take part in professional networking opportunities with high profile figures from both countries corporate, government and civil society organisations.

Applications and nominations to participate in the Dialogue can be made throughout the year by completing the form below. Read our frequently asked questions to find out more about the Dialogue and the requirements for applicants.

Nominations for the 2018 Emerging Leaders Dialogue have now closed – applications will be considered for future events.

Applications to participate in the Dialogue can be made throughout the year by completing the form below.

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