The economic contrast between Australia and PNG is stark: Australia’s per-capita GDP (US$49,755) is around twenty times larger than Papua New Guinea’s (US$2,500). Trade between Australia and PNG is worth more than $5b annually: PNG imports from Australia include meat, crude oil, mining equipment and wheat; Australian imports from PNG including gold, crude oil, silver, platinum and coffee. The two countries share close business and investment links.

Economy of Papua New Guinea

Despite economic growth averaging above three percent each year, Papua New Guinea’s economy has struggled to keep pace with the country’s fast growing population. Overall economic wealth per capita has stagnated or declined slightly despite the contribution of major new resource projects.

Royalties from these projects dominate the government’s revenue sources, with a tiny formal economy making a limited contribution. The reliance on exports means the economy is subject to significant external pressures. Fluctuations in the price of commodities can have a dramatic impact on economic performance.

PNG’s government has set a 2030 target of lifting the country to ‘prosperous, middle-income’ status by 2030. The World Bank says the country must invest significantly in institutions, human capital and physical infrastructure to enable its future economic growth.

Economy of Australia

Australia is one of the world’s wealthiest nations and its economy has demonstrated resilience over a number of years with sustained levels of growth, employment and financial stability.  The country’s economy is dominated by services which account for more than two thirds of GDP. Export revenues from the mining, petroleum and agriculture industries are significant along with foreign education and tourism. Australia’s economy is largely an open one with minimal restrictions on trade.

Small business is a significant player in Australia’s economy: it contributes around a third of total industrial output and is responsible for around half of total employment.

Links & Resources

Australia links

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Reserve Bank of Australia

Department of the Treasury

Business Council of Australia

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Council of Small Business Organisations Australia

Australian Industry Group



PNG links

Bank of Papua New Guinea

Department of Treasury

World Bank Country Brief – PNG

Asian Development Bank – Papua New Guinea brief

Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Investment Promotion Authority

Lae Chamber of Commerce and Industry

PNG Chamber of Mines and Petroleum

PNG Institute of National Affairs

Yellow Pages PNG

PNG Fact Sheet – DFAT

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Emerging Leader Participants

Sanja Pepae - Assistant Secretary, Department of National Planning PNG - Lowy Institute

Sanja Pepae

Assistant Secretary, Department of National Planning PNG

ELD Year:

Papua New Guinea

Current Location:
Port Moresby

Sanja Pepae is a postgraduate student at the Australian National University in Canberra. Prior to taking on studies for his Masters in International and Development Economics, he was Assistant Secretary at the Department of National Planning and Monitoring in Port Moresby. He will return to work with the Department in 2019. Sanja graduated with first class honours in his Bachelor of Economics from the University of Papua New Guinea. He was heavily involved in developing governance and institutional structures for PNG’s proposed Sovereign Wealth Fund, and has served as ex-officio board member on a number of PNG government agencies and authorities.

Related Organisations

Australian Business Volunteers - Lowy Institute

Australian Business Volunteers

ABV is a non-government, not-for-profit international development agency. Its goal is to help alleviate poverty in developing communities by delivering capacity-building solutions strategically designed to encourage sustainable growth. This is done by leveraging the skill and knowledge of business experts. Experts volunteer their time and experience to mentor PNG organisations and businesses on specific business and organisational needs. By transferring knowledge and skills, PNG clients gain both the necessary assistance and the ability to carry on once the volunteer expert has departed.

Australian Business Volunteers

AustAsia Pacific Health Services - Lowy Institute

AustAsia Pacific Health Services

AustAsia Pacific Health Services has provided medical services to those living and working in Papua New Guinea for nearly 20 years. With our experience comes the understanding of remote area access to medical treatment, as a result we can assist patients to obtain quality services. We provide a total coverage of medical services using the expertise of Specialists in Queensland and Executive Health Check-ups in all major centres on the Eastern Seaboard. AustAsia Pacific offers comprehensive support during an entire medical visit. Working in partnership with Medevac Pacific International we assist Companies when employees and their families experience life threatening injuries or illness and seek treatment in Australia.

AustAsia Pacific Health Services

BMT WBM - Lowy Institute


BMT WBM is a specialist environmental and engineering company and has been providing services to PNG since the early 1980s. BMT WBM delivers practical engineering and scientific solutions to many of the challenging problems being faced by Governments and industry today. Our strength lies in the intelligence and experience of our people, supported by advanced analytical tools and instrumentation. BMT WBM has a third-party accredited Integrated Management System which includes Quality Assurance (AS/NZS ISO 9001), Environmental Management (AS/NZS ISO 14001) and Safety (AZ/NZS 4801; ISO 18001).


Australia Papua New Guinea Business Council - Lowy Institute

Australia Papua New Guinea Business Council

The Australia Papua New Guinea Business Council is an association of Australian-based businesses which invest in or trade with Papua New Guinea. It hosts the annual Australia Papua New Guinea Business Forum, makes submissions to the PNG government on behalf of its members, advocates action on issues of concern to its members and links with the Business Council of Papua New Guinea, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Austrade. It was established in 1980 and its members include major companies involved in banking, mining, agriculture as well as numerous smaller companies involved in a range of sectors.

Australia Papua New Guinea Business Council

Development Policy Centre - Lowy Institute

Development Policy Centre

The Development Policy Centre (Devpolicy) is a think tank for aid and development serving Australia, the region, and the global development community. It undertakes independent research and promotes practical initiatives to improve the effectiveness of Australian aid, to support the development of Papua New Guinea and the Pacific island region, and to contribute to better global development policy. The centre is based at Crawford School of Public Policy in the College of Asia and the Pacific at The Australian National University. In conjunction with the University of Papua New Guinea, the centre runs the annual PNG Update conference in Port Moresby, and has a wide range of active research projects and partnerships in Papua New Guinea. It also publishes frequent analysis on PNG on the Devpolicy Blog.

Development Policy Centre

Lowy Institute - Lowy Institute

Lowy Institute

The Lowy Institute is an independent, nonpartisan international policy think tank located in Sydney, Australia. Ranked as Australia's leading think tank, it provides high - quality research and distinctive perspectives on the international trends shaping Australia and the world. The Lowy Institute's Pacific Islands Program focuses on Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands more broadly. It convenes events on Papua New Guinea such the Australia-Papua New Guinea Emerging Leaders Dialogue. The Lowy Institute is being supported by the Australian Government to develop and host the Australia-Papua New Guinea Network.

Lowy Institute

PLN Australia: Pacific Legal Network - Lowy Institute

PLN Australia: Pacific Legal Network

Through the Pacific Legal Network, PLN Australia provides co-ordinated legal and business advisory services access to lawyers and business advisors in Australia and Papua New Guinea. We simplify the process of being represented in multiple countries. We are able to assist you with your legal and business needs in Australia and Papua New Guinea.

PLN Australia: Pacific Legal Network

National Research Institute of Papua New Guinea - Lowy Institute

National Research Institute of Papua New Guinea

The PNG National Research Institute is Papua's New Guinea's leading public policy and development think tank. The Institute's vision is to be recognised among the leading public policy think tanks in the Asia-Pacific region. It conducts research which contributes to quality, evidence-based public policies and decision-making processes that aim to improve quality of life for all Papua New Guineans.

PNG NRI was established as the New Guinea Research Unit (NGRU) of the Australian National University in 1961. When PNG gained independence, the NGRU became the Institute for Applied Social and Economic Research (IASER), and in 1993 was officially recognised as the National Research Institute.

In 2016, PNG NRI launched plans for the PNG Knowledge Hub, a precinct which brings together a community of organisations, leaders, researchers, consultants, academics, government and the private sector to confront the development challenges faced by PNG.

National Research Institute of Papua New Guinea

Tradelinked Cairns and PNG - Lowy Institute

Tradelinked Cairns and PNG

Tradelinked Cairns & PNG is a focussed trade group established in Cairns to promote to, and engage with, like-minded businesses trading between Cairns and Papua New Guinea. The group aims to develop strong links; connect businesses and provide timely and relevant information to businesses within the two regions. Tradelinked Cairns & PNG offers a number of activities for Cairns & PNG businesses to develop their networks through the sharing of contacts, experiences and market intelligence. There is no cost to participate in Tradelinked activities. If you are a Cairns or PNG business who is keen to grow through business networking then get on board with Tradelinked Cairns & PNG.

Tradelinked Cairns and PNG

Advance Cairns - Lowy Institute

Advance Cairns

Advance Cairns is the peak advocacy and economic development organisation for Tropical North Queensland. It promotes the wide range of goods produced and services available in Tropical North Queensland as well as active investment in the region. One of the priorities of Advance Cairns and the region is actively promoting trade and investment to and from PNG.

Advance Cairns

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