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  • Papua New Guinea's Prime Minister has declared his intention to return the country to a first-past-the-post (FPP) electoral system. Kerryn Baker looks at whether the limited preferential voting (LPV) system introduced ahead of the 2007 national election has achieved its aims of improving...
    16 May 2018
  • Dr Patrick Koliwan has a decade of experience working in urban and rural areas in PNG and believes there’s a need for greater use of family planning and contraceptives. He says better education, improving community perceptions and embarking on national awareness campaigns would lift contraceptive...
    11 May 2018
  • With an overwhelming majority of Papua New Guineans self-identifying as Christian, churches are powerful institutions with significant hold over what is considered acceptable in communities. Bronwyn Fraser from UnitingWorld makes the case for involving churches in the response to domestic violence...
    8 May 2018
  • Dr Mikaela Seymour reflects on PNG Government efforts to recruit international doctors - which she says has disappointed and confused newly-trained PNG medical practitioners who are struggling to find training positions in government-funded health care. She considers Australia's experience with...
    3 May 2018
  • Bal Kama considers the recent reports of a proposed Chinese military presence in Vanuatu. While the reports were promptly rejected by the Vanuatu government, the potential of having Chinese military hardware on a long-term basis in the Pacific has raised significant discussion on the strategic...
    17 April 2018
  • Ben Gertz, a descendant of the Meriam people of Mer Island in the Torres Strait, reflects on the links between his ancestors' region and Papua New Guinea and his experience at the 2017 Aus-PNG Emerging Leaders Dialogue in Port Moresby.
    12 April 2018