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  • Nou Vada campaigns to join the executive of the Student Representative Council and becomes Vice President, learning about campaigning techniques and strategies along the way. He gains an understanding of what motivates voters and the intrigue of Papua New Guinean politics.
    12 June 2018
  • Nou Vada becomes the Law Students’ representative on the UPNG Student Representative Council, and understands the impact his activism may have on his future career. Students push for accountability in the National Parliament and win their hoped-for outcome, but via a different pathway .
    4 June 2018
  • Turmoil in the National Parliament coincides with Nou Vada taking a more prominent role in traditional and digital media. Students find their loyalties tested as duelling Prime Ministers try to wrest power from one another and appoint their own competing administrations.
    28 May 2018
  • There isn’t a Student Representative Council at the University of Papua New Guinea when Nou Vada commences his studies in law in 2010 – the elected officeholders have been barred from taking up their office by a National Court injunction. But the freshman law student soon finds himself helping to...
    21 May 2018
  • Papua New Guinea's Prime Minister has declared his intention to return the country to a first-past-the-post (FPP) electoral system. Kerryn Baker looks at whether the limited preferential voting (LPV) system introduced ahead of the 2007 national election has achieved its aims of improving...
    16 May 2018
  • Dr Patrick Koliwan has a decade of experience working in urban and rural areas in PNG and believes there’s a need for greater use of family planning and contraceptives. He says better education, improving community perceptions and embarking on national awareness campaigns would lift contraceptive...
    11 May 2018