About the Aus-PNG Network

The Australia-PNG Network builds links and understanding between two countries that share close ties in history and geography. We work to strengthen connections across the broadest range of areas, including business, sport, education, civil society, arts and culture, religion, media and development.

About us

The Network evolved from the first joint dialogue between emerging leaders from the two nations which was hosted by the Lowy Institute in 2013. The success of the event was embraced by the Australia-PNG Ministerial Council which supported the Emerging Leaders Dialogue to become an annual event held in December each year. This is supported supported by a range of issue-focused workshops and regular networking events that promote a strong relationship between both countries. The Network regularly publishes the outcomes of these gatherings as a shared online resource.

The Australia-PNG Network also maintains a strong digital presence to foster connections and understanding. It includes this website and social media presence on Facebook and Twitter to connect people in both countries. The network also publishes articles and analysis on relevant issues by members and former dialogue participants.

The network provides online reference resources, including a register of expertise and contacts, and information for travel and immigration and development opportunities between both countries.

The Network is overseen by an advisory council that draws together experienced figures from both nations. The Network is managed by the Lowy Institute and is supported by the Australian Government through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

How you can get involved

The Australia-PNG Network aims to build connections by involving people from both nations in forums, online discussion and events. You can get involved by:

  • Writing for the network
  • Listing your expertise with our connections page
  • Promoting your event
  • Promoting your article, video or publication

If you have feedback or perspectives on how the Network can better work to build ties please let us know using the form below.