Serah Pyawa

Serah Pyawa

Serah currently works at FHI 360, a non-profit organisation striving to improve the health and wellbeing of people in Papua New Guinea.

As Program Manager for USAID and Global Fund projects, Serah is helping to strengthen health information systems related to Covid-19 across 16 provinces. In another project, Serah is working on a Diagnostic Network Optimisation (NDO) exercise, which seeks to use national health data and geospatial modelling to inform a national health plan. Prior to this, she worked as an environmental scientist in PNG’s oil, gas, and drilling exploration industry.

Serah is passionate about her role with Eco Services Ltd (ESL) in which she serves as the HR chair and sits on the governance board. ESL is a nationally owned and operated social enterprise that trains young Papua New Guineans to work and gain relevant industry skills and technical experience.